Our Story

Behind the idea of Smartfreeze containers

Growing up as the youngest of three siblings founder Amanda Gordon had a loving, happy and humble upbringing -  their mother worked hard and was passionate about cooking nutritious and affordable meals for the family. However having children can sometimes mean getting used to wasted food and as children we are always told not to waste food but freezing leftovers and meal planning wasn't as popular back then.

Being a working mother she found it increasingly difficult to provide healthy home cooked meals for her small family everyday and although she tried her best at pre-preparing meals and freezing them Amanda wanted to avoid using single use plastic bags. She ended up throwing a lot of food away in the process as they could never remember how long it had been stored for or the food had suffered freezer burn in a plastic container and no longer looked appetising.

Smartfreeze was born out of frustration of wanting a solution for freezing leftover or pre-prepared meals, and holding an inventory of what was stored so they knew exactly what they could heat up for their evening meal or lunch. Adding the addition of the app works as an alternative and improvement to sticky labels and means that you can receive notifications and effectively meal plan for yourself and family.

All smartfreeze containers are made from sustainable food grade silicone which are not only BPA and Pthalates free but they can also be put in the microwave and oven up 220 degrees unlike a plastic containers and are easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Smartfreeze containers suit those of us who just want to do better and reduce their food waste in a smarter and more efficient way.