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Save £300 a year on your food shopping bills by using a Smartfreeze container
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Freezer safe food container

Created for modern life.

Most of us struggle to prepare cooked meals every day and a lot of it goes in the bin even after trying to hit the pause button by putting the leftovers in the fridge freezer because the truth is we just don’t remember how long it has been there after a while.

Smartfreeze containers are app-enabled which work to allow you to quickly scan and record your meals to receive notifications of expiry dates. You will also have an at glance view on the app on your phone or tablet of what meals you have stored which will allow you to manage and delete any meals you have already consumed.

Reducing wasted food one meal at a time.

Smartfreeze containers create new possibilities to track and manage your food, providing you with a meal backup plan when you need it the most and allows you to enjoy freshly prepared food anytime without the worry that it was safe to eat.

Why Choose Us?

Smartfreeze containers were created with a problem first approach so you can store food in confidence in not only knowing you will never forget it again but they are also microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe as well as being durable being made from food-grade silicone.