Our Materials

Smartfreeze containers are made from pure food grade silicone which holds it's integrity and does not degrade over time. Smartfreeze containers can go from the freezer, straight to the microwave or oven then dishwasher and you can even eat your meal straight from them if saving on washing up is your goal!.
Smartfreeze containers are sturdy and strong and the QR code will not fade, wear or smudge, you will not need any special cleaning gadgets or detergents and they will not harbour germs in the corners as this was taken in to consideration when they were designed so all corners can be easily accessed and cleaned.
Smartfreeze containers were created with longevity in mind as they are not fragile like glass and are not prone to cracking and staining like a plastic container they can last the long haul. Available in three muted colours of Duckegg (pictured), Cashew and Macaroon they make a stylish kitchen accessory.