Make meal-Prep simple using smartfreeze containers

Published November 2021


We live in a time where saving on time, money, resources is everything, whether you are part of growing family, single, in a relationship or working a demanding job we all need to reserve extra time where we can for self-care or to relax.

Level-up your meal prep game

Preparing meals ahead of time ensures that we get a well balanced home cooked meal during the week where time is most limited. Smartfreeze containers win the race over most meal prep containers because it means that you don't only have to choose to have the same evening meal for 3 or four days running but when you put them in the freezer you can hit the pause button and have more options on when you choose to eat a meal by receiving notifications so you can start an inventory of the food you have stored via the app.

If you are already used to organising your meals each week trying a smartfreeze container will definately provide you with more options and means that even if you are not at home you can take a quick look at the app and see exactly what you have and when it expires. Using smartfreeze containers also means unlike glass containers they aren't fragile and can withstand heat so you can confidently put them in the oven without risk of breaking.